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Welcome to Stellar Success Academy.

If you are a parent, educator, mentor in a leadership role, business owner,
entrepreneur, professional, author, speaker, coach, or simply a life long learner
looking to uplevel your life success then you are in the right place.

At Stellar Success Academy our mission is to support your best life by helping you have access to resources that elevate success in all aspects of your wellbeing and work-life balance. This includes business, work success as well as personal wellbeing and wellness. We address the holistic nature of  a successful lifestyle with mindful education, trainings and offerings.

We are on a mission to support global family and we provide resources that also help those who work with children and youth and for parents looking to provide their children with mindful social emotional education to opimize their wellbeing.

Stellar Success Academy has a strong emphasis on mindful living, and a
compassionate sustainable lifestyle which enhances the benefits
you receive in our programs, trainings and resources.

We are on a mission to live our best life on purpose, through mindful action, and working together to help our global family find solutions for a better world. 

To learn more about our various programs, services and trainings feel free to access our links below.

Join our FREE app for support on the go - Our latest resource platform will be available as of
June 2022.

We support the Global Green Action Project Initiative.
You can connect to the GGAP website here:

Join our Global Green Action Project Waiting list for Our New Membership that provides education, support and ongoing training by reaching us at:

Additonal Services - We offer Retreat and Adventure opportunities that support kind travel and Compassionate local and global healing opportunities such as animal care, and humanitarian options. 

School and Education for Parents, Youth and Children 
Environmental and Nature Connection is also part of our Educational Services. We help foster mindful living and nature connetion through education and experential learning for all ages through our programs, coaching services, courses and retreat and our Mindful Sprite Membership services.

To access some FREE education resources to support your classroom or family, feel free to scroll down the page from our affiliate offerings.

To learn more, feel free to access our membership opportunities.

Affiliate Services - Please contact us for details on full offerings
Affiliate products - We are continually increasing our network of products to support our community with ways to help our world. 

Affiliate Resources & Education
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